1860 / Lifesaving medal to B.A.T. van Bruggen

Lifesaving medal

 1860 The President of the United States to Captain B.A.T. van Bruggen of the Dutch Barque “KONING EN VADERLAND” 1860, concerning the rescue of Capt. Smith and 9 of his crew. Their ship, the American Barque “OLIVER PUTMAN”, was abandoned, while sinking, on the 26th of july 1860 at position 36º Z.B. and 50º O.L. The crew took to the boats, three in all, but they got seperated. The boat with the Capt. and 9 crewmembers was spotted by the “KONING EN VADERLAND”, Capt. van Bruggen on the 6th of august. They were picked up and landed at St. Helena.
  type bark1854 
  Barque, similar to the “KONING EN VADERLAND”. 
Obverse A rescuer carries a shipwrecked person on to the beach, behind him a wrecked ship with the mast-head broken down. To the left, on top of the hill, an illuminated ligthouse. Above, a scroll with an engraved text: The President of the United States, to Captain B.A T. van Bruggen, / of the Dutch Barque “KONING EN VADERLAND”. 1860. At the bottom the name of the engraver. 
Reverse Underneath a ribbon with the text: E PLURIBUS UNUM, the American Eagle with spreaded wings, on his breast a shield with 3 stars, holding a laurel-branch and 7 arrows. Underneath the Eagle: OF, as part of the legend: UNITED * STATES * * (OF) * * AMERICA 
Technique Struck, at the US Mint 
Material  Gold 
Diameter 67 mm  
Collection Alan V. Weinberg / ex. J. Schulman bv Amsterdam
Inv, nr.   
Sources  www.marhisdata.nl / Kroniek 1860, p.198 / www.zeemansleed.nl / Gem. Arch. R’dam / CBG, familieadvertenties / Sweijs / S. Parma / NeoCollect alanvweinberg – lifesaving medals
Specifics Barteld Adolf Teunis van Bruggen was by no means a Pirate-Captain. The 3 ships he commanded sailed on a regular base from Rotterdam to Batavia, Surabaya and vice versa. Hence the reason he landed the Capt. and 9 crewmembers of the “OLIVER PUTMAN” on St Helena. I was present at the office when “Jaap”, Jacques Schulman, sold the medal to an Americain dealer. Jaap could, at times, be taken away by a story that was told to him and emphasize on it. For the specifics on the “KONING EN VADERLAND” see: www.zeemansleed.nl
Person  Barteld Adolf Teunis van Bruggen 
Born  04-09-1825, Den Helder 
Deceased 10-09-1889, Semarang. Dutch East-indies.  63 j.  
Parents  Jan van Bruggen and Meinsje Langevelt 
Married Johanna Catharina Wallin, 02-02-1854. Den Helder. A.4 
Born 31-07-1830, Den Helder 
Deceased 06-06-1878, Semarang. Dutch East-Indies.  47 j. 
Parents  Esker Anderson Wallin and Neeltje Spanjert 


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